Meidu Hotel

  • year: 2015
  • location: Guangzhou
  • area: 58,700 m2
  • type: Architecture Design

  • The building had its own uniqueness. As a redevelopment from a furniture factory, part of the banquet facilities is modified from a large-span factory. The whole hotel is organized, in a linear form, the building mass was broken down into meandering blocks as dictated by the fire escape distance. This organization also offers the best view to the golf down course on its north side of the hotel. The outdoor walls/swimming pool feature is a designed as a cascade bring it gradually from the ground to the basement. Part of the hotel guest rooms at basement are provided with private pools that connect back to the main water body. The hotel is usually occupied by for training and business conference over 2000 retailers from all part of the countries. Although the hotel is not a luxurious hotel, it is a spacious, well-appointed resort/conference hotel.