Hango building, North Harbor Stockholm

  • year: 2016
  • location: Stockholm
  • area: 15,000 m2
  • type: Architecture /Interior Design

    The Hangö block located in the northwest corner of the harbor basin, where Södra Värtan and the upcoming Valparaiso area meet. In this borderland, conditions are created for a clear entrance to the new district. Our proposal is given a representative expression as a city front towards the port. With its proposed volume division, the building meets the street, the city and the port's various scales in a playful way. The architecture is cohesive in terms of material as a uniform light wooden building with variation in volume and details. An active open entrance plan contributes to the city's life and character. The entrance level together with the upper level is filled with public functions such as a café in combination with informal and flexible workplaces and office space related to Coffice and other co-working concepts. Here, the public life of the street and the concentration of the office meet, and they can benefit from each other's qualities. In this overlapping situation, there are good opportunities to create interesting meeting rooms and conference rooms that receive energy and nourishment from a dynamic and creative environment. The courtyard's greenery will be visually accessible to those who visit the office property's entrance floor. This green and detailed fund, in combination with the port's large scale, gives life to the entrance floor and gives it a strong character.

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