Pier Building, North Harbor Stockholm

  • year: under construction
  • location: Stockholm
  • area: 50,000 m2
  • type: Architecture /Interior Design

    Stockholm's new landmark will stand on a pier to the east, where Södra Värtan meets the sea. This landmark is not a foreign object that has floated ashore, but instead we want to create an extension of the city and a continuation of the district's intentions. A monument in the ground floors of the building where the life of the street continues to abound indoors and up several floors. The property is distributed on each side of Södra Kajen which marks the historic shoreline for the area. The western part lands in a corner where the city ends while the eastern part represents the land that has been added. At the end corner of the city, we have placed the tallest building, which together with two smaller volumes creates a staircase. The longest one allies with the scale of the surrounding city and the intermediate volume relates instead to, today the tallest building, Hotell Adrianne. Outside the marked corner, we lower the building as a welcome gesture towards the sea and the many visitors who enter Stockholm from the water. With its stacked horizontal boxes, its glazed mezzanines and inviting green terraces, a low-key but generous building is being formed here. The western and eastern parts of the building are linked by three connected office floors and below these is the lobby on several levels.
    The Pirhuset neighborhood will be a place where several scales and contexts meet and interact. Port and city, sea and land, nature's processes, and human ideas. At this intersection, the building's most important task will be to create an open space in the city where various conversations can take place and meetings can take place. This open space is created in a synergy effect between the city's public life and the construction activities. The pier house gets its quality in that it has a dynamic exchange with the landscape and with the city's public spaces.