Yum Cha Restaurant

  • year: under construction
  • location: Macau
  • area: 615 m2
  • type: Interior Design

  • Yum Cha is a restaurant offers Guangdong style cuisine.
    Yum Cha is an expression of transformation of old Hong Kong Street Market. Within the “the restaurant”, we create several shops and bar to offer unique dining experience.
    Expressing the Hong Kong’s vibrant and energy throughout the new Yum Cha Restaurant, we aim to recreate the mixed actives around the central bazaar; 大笪地 Da La Di. In addition to introduce the existing central bazaar, 大笪地 Da La Di, we add classic element of shops, such as herbal tea house, medicine shop, fish market, and cinema, emphasizing the timeless experience for guests and expressing uniquity of new Yum Cha restaurant.